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Welcome to Chemspec Cleaning Chemicals

As one might expect carpet cleaning supplies provide quality, durability and high performance that is required by cleaning professionals throughout the UK.

Working in partnership with Chemspec Europe one of the worlds top cleaning brands we offer you the full Chemspec range of cleaning products for carpets,upholstery and hard floors.


About us

We are a privately owned company and we treat our customers as we would like to be treated in a fair and honest manner and do our best to satisfy the needs of our customers by offering great value for money, and rapid delivery.

On the larger machinery items demonstration are available subject to discussion.

'Our Code of Practice'

1. To conduct business dealings in a fair and proper manner.

2. Not knowingly, recklessly or negligently to be party to any improper business

Practices of any customer or supplier.

3. To offer for sale quality cleaning materials, chemicals, specialist machinery

and equipment to enable customers to achieve their required levels of

Cleanliness and hygiene

4. To Delivery in a reasonable time scale a comprehensive range of materials

and equipment in sufficient quantities to meet customers requirements.

5. To provide proper training aids such as COSHH Sheets/Material Data Sheets

6. To take all reasonable care to avoid false or exaggerated claims

7. To take all reasonable care to ensure that the packaging of products supplied

Contains accurate labelling

8. To refrain from making misleading statements about competitive products


We have a minimum carriage charge of £19.95 Orders below £50 will incur a £10 Small Order Surcharge.

All prices quoted by us are only valid for 28 days from the date of quotation.