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DFC 105 Carpet Cleaner / Rinse

Air Neutralizer Citrus

A detergent free extraction cleaning liquid suitable for all types of extraction machines.
Our unique Food Based patent pending formulation emulsifies organic based oils quickly and effectively without the need or use of synthetic chemistry. DFC 105 is 100% detergent free - no soaps - no surfactants; the leading cause of carpet re-soiling and fibre yellowing. DFC is so effective it actually removes all residues from your carpets neutralising the pH surfactants leave behind. Use as a pre spray for heavily soiled traffic lanes and as a rinse aid to flush everything out of your carpets.
No detergents, No Soaps, No Synthetic chemistries, dyes or perfumes; just squeaky clean carpets.

Available in:

DFC 105 Carpet Cleaner/Rinse (4 x 3.78L)
DFC 105 Carpet Cleaner/Rinse (Single 3.78L)

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