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Liquid Formula 90

Air Neutralizer Citrus

Triple strength new generation, multiple dilution carpet detergent
A high performance liquid carpet extraction detergent with a fully crystallising residue leaving behind no stickiness that could cause resoiling. See the pH below for the variables of use which allow this detergent to get stronger the more detergent you add. This detergent is "Woolsafe" approved up to a 500 to 1 dilution and gets stronger in pH value the more you add, up to a massive 980 to 1 dilution.This massive nearly 1000 to 1 dilution makes this product have the cheapest cost at use in the world.

Liquid Formula 90 is very popular with truck mount users as the same stock solution can be used for wool, polypropylene or nylon carpets without changing your stock solution. All that is needed is to change your metering on the chemical feed and you have a detergent safe and effective on all types of wet cleanable fibres and carpet types.

Available in:
Liquid Formula 90 (4 x 3.78L)
Liquid Formula 90 (Single 3.78L)

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