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Optimal Rinse

Liquid High Heat

Acid Side Extraction Detergent for all types of extraction machines
Liquid High Heat offers acid side cleaning, especially effective for rug cleaning with a unique polymer coating which encapsulates the residue to avoid any chance of any of the crystallising residue reactivating. The acid side detergent has been developed for truck mount users particularly those using very high temperature water systems, but is an excellent safe and very effective product with the latest technology for all extraction machine users.

Liquid High Heat contains no dyes, is biodegradable and has very low VOC's and will not clog jets or filters and is safe to use on all fibres. No more need to acid rinse this detergent will neutralise your alkaline pre sprays whilst it cleans.

Truck mount users - mix 1 litre to 20 litres of water for a stock solution or directly feed through your syphon hose. Set your proportion metre to 320 to 1.)
Portables - mix 60ml to 20 litres of water ( 320 to 1)

Available in:
Liquid High Heat (4 x 3.78L)
Liquid High Heat (Single 3.78L)

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