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Neutralising Odour Control Blocks

Blocks act as odour magnets, grabbing odours from the air and neutralising them. They come in hermetically sealed packages and start to work when they are opened. Open just a corner for light deodorisation or bring out the whole block for larger deodorisation problems. Leave in nursing home bedrooms out of reach to add freshness or in reception areas. Leave behind in rooms after fire clean up to add on-going deodorisation. Great for customer leave behinds - let the customer choose the fragrance they like.
Fragrance: Cherry, Lemon/Lime, KBG, Apple, Leather, mixed case

Available in:
Bad Odour Block  (Pack of  25)
Bad Odour Block Kentucky Blue Grass (Single) 
Bad Odour Block Leather ( case of 25) 
Bad Odour Block Leather ( Single) 
Bad Odour Blocks Apple ( Case of 25) 
Bad Odour Blocks Apple (Single) 
Bad Odour Blocks Cherry (Single) 
Bad Odour Blocks Cherry( Case of 25) 
Bad Odour Blocks Kentucky Blue Grass (case of 25) 
Bad Odour Blocks Lemon/Lime (Case of 25) 
Bad Odour Blocks Lemon/Lime (Single) 
Bad Odour Block Mixed (25 case)